KATARINA CHYRVA 'Transcendence’ painting and digital graphic technologies printed on glass 40x34x0.4 centimetres


Title: Transcendence
Date: 2021
Size: 40 x 34 x 0.4 centimetres
Medium: mixed media – painting and digital graphic technologies printed on glass
Signature: on reverse
Certificate of Authenticity: yes, issued by the artist
Additional information: #1 out of 3
The title of my work, Transcendence, defines its purpose. I want the viewers to transcend, in other words, go beyond their sensual perception and even physical existence.
The viewers can see the abundance of colours and intricate, seamless, repetitive abstract patterns. However, they realise that what they see in the painting is only a tiny fragment of a design extending ad infinitum beyond the physical boundaries of the work itself. The purpose of rhythmic, repetitive ornaments is to mesmerise the viewers, giving them a glimpse of experiencing Infinity. Thus, they transcend the material world, which they perceive with their senses, and touch upon Infinity with their mind.
This work is a part of the Kaleidoscope series inspired by my favourite childhood toy. In a kaleidoscope, the mirrors and pieces of coloured glass produce changing patterns when we rotate the tube. I see it as an analogy of changing the point of view resulting in different pictures of the world that I ultimately must integrate into one act of artistic expression. I consider it the foundation of my artwork and philosophy of life.

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Katarina Chyrva
She was born in 1992 in Oleksandriya, Ukraine, where she started her art education in the school of arts. Then she studiedarchitecture at Poltava National Technical University and graduated in 2014 with a master’s degree. After graduation, she moved to Russia, where she worked as an architect. In summer 2016, she moved to Warsaw, Poland. She has already lived in six cities in three countries. As an artist, Katarina creates abstract painting patterns, fashion illustrations, and paintings. She started with a series of paintings depicting mutual influence between people and the cities they live in. They were published in a Saint Petersburg art magazine, Start in Art. Katarina`s fashion illustrations and paintings have been published in several international fashion and art magazines. The New York based Hunter Magazine featured her illustrations on the front and back cover of its February 2021 issue.
Katarina constantly experiments with combinations of different media, such as classical painting and digital graphic technologies, which augment the effect of each technique. As a result, she developed her unique artistic style. The abundance of colours and intricate ornaments create a surreal atmosphere of infinity and have a mesmerising impact on the viewer. Her picturesque seamless abstract painting patterns have been recently published in the Marika Magazine.
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