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Najbliższa aukcja już 15.09.2024


Jorge Goncalves Romero
Jorge Goncalves Humberto Romero is the Venesuelian artist lives and works in Vienna. His art reflects the particular free vision of painting, where the nature and people are
represented underlining the strong bond. Jorge’s love for Venezuela his native land , where fauna and flora are very important for culture, is tangible in his works. The artist takes inspiration from the colors of his homeland to found the foundations of his very personal style where the use of bright colors allows the artist to transmit strength to represented
figures of men and women. His artworks recalls those of Pascual Navarro, because of using strong strokes of layered paints like a bas-relief, of contrasting colors puted on canvas with
spatulas instead of light-dark shadows. Following his move to Europe (the artist’s family had to emigrate to Austria for political and economic reasons), he experiences on his own skin
the marginalization and the arduous process of integration in the bourgeois society. He manages to establish himself thanks to his studies and his skill, but also thanks to the
sacrifices made by the family. This experience marks his artistic path. From that moment on he devoted himself to social problems revealing the increasing solitude and social isolation
present in contemporary metropolises. The series “Urban Walkers” and “Street People” shows people passing by, accentuating the problems of solitude widespread in
contemporary urban society. His art searches the human existence , revealing its belonging to nature and denouncing problems of contemporary urban society.
– Miami Meets Milano 2018 international art exhibition in Miami, which was curated by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi during Art Basel
– Aqvart art event in Venice 2019 and 2020 with Patronage of Municipality of Venice ( where Jorge Goncalves Romero has received The Price of Merit for his orginal style and art engaged in social issues )
– Contemporary Art Meeting di Montecatini Terme 2019, the semi solo exhibition in storic Auction House Galleria Flori ( which was in past the residence of Giuseppe Verdi)
– ARTIDOTUM 3 D 13 of March – 13° of May 2021 where actually are exhibited his last artworks
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